Class Pass Rules


Gave myself a Class Pass as a birthday gift. For $99 a month you have access to different types of classes and workouts throughout your city. There are hundreds of gyms, studios and training centers participating. In Los Angeles and surrounding areas, I believe it’s 571 to be exact. Whoa! Like get your fitness on already.


If you’re bored with the same or limited selection of class offerings at your local gym and studio I’d say snag a pass and challenge your ass. Think it’s pretty cool that I can now check out yoga at some of the studios I’d been interested in without shelling out a hefty monthly fee. Yoga is not cheap my friend. Will save that convo for another day.


Some of the classes I’m looking forward to are boxing, reformer pilates, yoga, kickboxing and classes like Lower Body Glide. Something so completely new that I had to sign up for it. Took it on Tuesday morning at Crunch Gym on Sunset. Beyond awesomely challenging workout.


Of course there are a few limitations. I believe you can only visit the same gym or studio three times in a month. I’ve also noticed that the smaller ones don’t offer amenities like showers and lockers(bring your own lock). So make sure you check before signing up for a class. Going to work funky is never a good idea. Plan ahead. Get fit. Step out of your comfort zone and grab a Class Pass You won’t regret it.


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