Lunch To Go

I love it when I pack my lunch. It’s cheaper. It’s healthier. It’s cheaper. It’s healthier. Okay, enough with the daily mantra. I do believe that you are hip.

Eating vegan is costly. Especially when grabbing healthier fare to go. I still have my days when I lazily give in to the habit of choosing the same ol’ eateries within skating distance of the gig. That gets expensive over time. And to be honest rarely am I ever satisfied. Usually becoming hungry an hour later. No bueno.


Been grubbin’ on this salad for a few days now. I get like that when I create a recipe that I love. Same goes for juices and smoothies.

grape tomatoes
lemon juice
Olive hummus
veggie patty


Threw a pear, some raw almonds, oatmeal, Larabar and some plantain chips up in the lunch bag mix. Still running out of food towards the end of my work day. No bueno. Gotta figure that out now that I’m active again. Perhaps a bigger lunch bag is the answer.


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