3 Reasons Why I Love Oreos


Most people assume I only hug trees when I’m not eating grass. When I actually prefer to climb trees and run across grass barefoot. Just sayin’. Whats that got to do with Oreos? Not a damn thing. Currently trapped in a turtle paced Uber with 80s music playing lowly. Late for a hair appointment. Thought I’d insert a disclaimer.

Oreos. Yes! Love them. Oreos. Yes! Eat them. Oreos! Yes! Kid fun. I’ll stay one forever. Here are three reasons why I really dig ’em:

1. They’re vegan. At least the original are moo free.

2. They make me smile. Especially when they’re not stale.

3. I can share and still have plenty left. I prefer not to share tho’. Just sayin’.


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