Nike Zoom Pegasus 31

Podiatrist recommended a shoe that gives me more stability. Then handed me a list of recommendations. Ankle woes. I thought to myself whoa I’m not wearing any of these dull looking boats. Such is the plight of those on the road to recovery in search of a much flyer looking fit.

My fave shoe to train in has always been the Nike Free TR Fit series. It’s light and perfect for cross training and taking all sorts of gym classes. And it comes in so many funky colors, designs and prints. Can you say peacock? That’s me. I can get my absolute fitness strut on in these babies.




Enters stage right the Nike
Zoom Pegasus 31. It’s actually a running shoe with medium stability.



It has a much thicker sole than I’m use to. Been rockin’ it in class for a few weeks. Noticed that, even with inserts, my foot moves around if I’m doing any type of HIIT training. It’s because the Pegasus is a running shoe. The sole was designed for the foot to go forward which ensures a snug fit. Whereas the Nike Free’s sole is much smoother. Making it the ideal shoe for kickboxing, zumba, NTC and circuit training.


Wore a pair of my old training shoes to a few classes recently. Insert in place. It felt good to have on a lighter shoe. Noticed my ankle still needs more support. Especially during activity. Not to mention I’ve gotten pretty lax on taping it regularly. Gotta get better with that. I was told ankle injuries take a long time to heal. Doesn’t matter if it starts to feel better. For now I will stick to the Pegasus until I can find a shoe more to my liking. A stable ride is better than no ride at all.


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