When NTC Gets Surreal

Two Sundays ago something magical happened in NTC class. Nike Training Club if you’re unfamiliar. The energy was so high it was potent. Monica Benyamin AKA Fit Moni B was at the helm. Drilling out instruction after instruction. Doing her usual amount of demos in between. But this was not your normal NTC class. Not that any of them are. I mean it’s Nike. Enough said.


This particular Sunday was special because it was NTC Step Circuit Training. Yep, you guessed it. A groovy mix of three totally different workouts all rolled into one. Hour that is. NTC, step aerobics and circuit training. Did I mention there were weights involved? Light but still effective. NTC’s style of training focuses on time. Not reps. Designed with the athlete in mind.


So at some point it comes down to mind over body. Your body tells you to quit once the burn hits. Then the mind reminds you that it’s exactly where you want to be and you push through. It also helps if you have a ragged chorus of gym classmates chiming in, “Let’s go.” “Yeah.” And “You got it.” The amount of encouragement going on in that room became contagious.

While one group was flying over steps another group was trading off burpees for pushups with dumbbell rows. Nobody quit. Nobody gave up. Even Claudine Cooper, another popular trainer and fitness instructor was in the building. “I skipped church for this.” I love it when other instructors show love. It speaks volumes in terms of the respect they have for who’s teaching.


Gym classes can be a hit or miss. Sometimes you encounter an instructor with a lackadaisical approach. Other times it’s unmotivated people who only come to class just so they can say, “I went to the gym today.” Then there are moments like this one when everyone is on the same frequency and the vibrations can only go higher. See ya’ next class.



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