Who Wants Ice Cream?

I’m vegan. In case you didn’t know. Pretty much everything that meat eaters consume there is a vegan version of it somewhere. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. Although I now eat meat and dairy free I still remember what the real stuff tastes like. And yes it’s usually better. Attention all vegans feel free to hurl your soapboxes at the computer screen. There will be no retraction on my part.




I love ice cream. And I miss eating it. Along with cheese. It is the plight of most vegans whether they choose to admit it or not. Daiya just won’t do. But that conversation will be reserved for a much lengthier post. Now back to our ice cream adventure.

If ever in need of a fix that tastes pretty damn close to the real thing, look no further, Whole Foods to the rescue. Trader Joe’s and a few other markets stock only a handful of creamy plant based frozen treats. Whole Foods on the other hand offers different varieties and flavors for your choosing. From ice cream bars to sandwiches their selections are out of this world. A dairy free one.

My fave are the coconut, almond or rice milk based treats. They also have soy brands but I do my best to limit my intake of soy. So there you have it. Whole Foods does it once again. Setting the bar for product offerings while raising it at the same time. Now go get your vegan ice cream fix on. Ummm…Grab me a pint of mint chocolate chip. I’ll pay you on Tuesday.

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