Don’t Look Down

Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. What am I talking about? You know. You’ve read something similar before while nodding your head in agreement. Secretly chastising yourself for not following your heart and living a life without passion.

Who am I talking to? You. Me. And the many other souls out there vacillating between our current life of compromise and that pulling need to jump off the bandwagon into the deep. The unknown. The very depths of our existence. Places we’re afraid to explore. Convinced that we may become engulfed by our own flames.

I’d rather burn with passion than die with discontent. I am willing to fly. I’ve set perched on this fence long enough. I’ve yet to test my wings. A flutter here and there. No real flight. One’s soaring ability is unmatched when they refuse to look down. I refuse to look down…Anymore.



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