Lunch Vibe

Started taking my lunch again this week. Snagged some heavy duty Rubbermaid containers from Target on Wednesday. Wanted glass. But these will do for now.I don’t plan on heating up any food in these bad boys. Think I also read on the box somewhere that they were BPA free. Cool.


All life is a win when ya’ don’t have to spend. Yep! Saving money. Another perk of packing my daily eats. Instead of dropping $9-15 a day on overly processed vegan “food” I now shell out two bucks for a snack in between. Tops. I also know what I’m eating because I prepared it. Pretty sure one day I’ll eventually snag a pizza or end up in that godforsaken Sprinkles line, both fingers crossed that they haven’t run out of vegan cupcakes. Just not today.




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