Forget About Summer

There’s nothing more annoying than people around the gym constantly saying, “Girl, you know summer’s coming, right?” Is it now? I hadn’t heard. Thanks for telling me. I too now will use it as my once a year motivational tool to shed a few stubborn pounds by eating cleaner and working out more before landing on bikini planet. Not.

Being active and eating healthy is more than a seasonal lifestyle trend for me. It is year round. 365 days a year. Am I always consistent with my workouts? Yes, before the injury. Not so much after. Instead I made excuses as to why I was not strengthening other parts of my body while my ankle healed.

Do I always eat super clean, everything green? No. I just had some fries after taking an NTC class. I’m so serious. Just got in from the gym. Now munching on some granola. Will most likely whip up a post workout smoothie in a bit. Compliments of Vega Sport protein.

Although I may give in to cravings sometimes and skip a workout other times, I know that my foundation is strong. At its core are healthy habits that I’ve formed over a period of time. Learning through trial and error. Special occasions and seasons approaching do not factor in. And they shouldn’t for you either.

Consistency is key. I like how my body looks and feels when it’s strong and healthy. The only season I’m interested in takes place year round. Resuming my previous role as all around fitness nut and plant eating extraordinaire has not been easy. It’s been a bumpy road to recovery. It’s cool. I’m not worried. It’s my year. Literally.



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