Road To Recovery

Started physical therapy for my ankle two weeks ago. I hang out at the VA hospital in LA every Wednesday for an hour long session with my fave physical therapist, Christine. I actually waited until she returned from vacation to start.


Christine was at the beginning of my fitness journey two years ago. At the time she was treating my left knee which had always given me problems. Think my heavier weight at the time didn’t help matters. She suggested I start swimming for rehab. Did that for a few weeks. Got a little bored. Decided to take an Aqua Swim class offered at my gym. And so began my journey as gymclasseshero.


Still not a fan of all things gym. The smells. The noise. But I dig taking gym classes. Currently rehabbing right ankle. Nondisplaced fracture and some other jive about tendons. Way too many medical terms for the kid. My road to recovery has been slow yet steady due to the initial misdiagnosis. No worries. I will eventually get there. Hell, I’m a lot further than yesterday.





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