3 Fit Moms Who Rule

When you’ve taken enough gym classes like I have you begin to notice the people who just come to class versus the people who come seeking results. Real talk. Over time you see who’s serous about working out and those who are just dialing it in. I just hung up. In the mix you got single folk, married people, and my favorite group fit moms.

These are women who are devoted to a weekly fitness regimen whether their children are in tow or not. If ever there was a group entitled to whining about not getting enough sleep, needing more than 24 hours in a day and having little or no energy on a daily basis it’s mothers. Ashanti, Corinne and Akua can all relate to the never ending saga known as parenthood. They still manage to carve out mommy time to get their fitness on. No excuses. These moms rule.


Ashanti is the mother of two. Her eighteen year old daughter, whom she had at sixteen, is a high school senior headed to Penn State this fall. Ashanti is also a college graduate. I’m pretty sure you will be reading about her ten year old son in a few years. He’s a naturally gifted athlete who plays multiple sports. He get it from his mama.

Corinne is the mother of three. Recently giving birth to a beautiful baby girl on March 9. The day before she took an NTC class. Yes, the rumors are true. The baby did pop out saying Just Do It. She returned to the gym a few weeks after giving birth. Cue the music. I’m So Awesome now being played for your fitness enjoyment.

Akua is the mother of four beautiful children who all could be her twin. Her fitness journey evolved into a weight loss one when she shed 80 pounds by becoming more active and eating cleaner. Her commitment to health and fitness shows. “I get tired of hearing all the excuses people give when they see my progress. We make time for what’s important to us. It’s that simple.”

I agree. Lose the excuses. These amazing moms take a variety of fitness classes in order to keep their bodies guessing and their minds from getting bored. Save the routine for the kiddos. In the meantime let me get a juice box! And some pretzels!


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