Reward Yourself Now By Living Now

So often we wait for special days or others celebrations to feel deserving of each moment. Stop that! Stop waiting on life to happen. Participate. You don’t need a anniversary or birthday to green light your activity. And no amount of health and fitness goals, failed or achieved, will give you that feeling of living in the moment. Unless you already are.

As many books that are written on the subject of being present and living in the now you’d think by now we all would have gotten the memo. Nope. Here we are still waiting in the same line. The one with the blinking overhead sign that says Still Not Moving.

Everyday we wake up is a blessing. If suddenly you stop breathing that would signal your life’s end. So why go through each day holding our breath? Feeling afraid. Anxious. Or stuck. Breathe the life you want into existence by doing all of the things that fill your soul. About those things that scare the hell outta ya’, do those first. I am.


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