A New Path

If I’ve learned anything from this ankle injury is that change will happen regardless if I’m willing to embrace it or not. This time around I decided to hug it out. By doing so I’ve freed up my vibe to control everything while lazily observing life from my comfort zone.

No more of that bullshit. Last night I began by adding weights to my workout. Have never been a fan of lifting dense objects repeatedly. For fitness sakes that shit is boring.

I’m a wild child that loves to run around and jump off of things. I also wanted this year to be the year that I focused on functional strength training. Calistenthics if you’re unfamiliar.

After talking to a fellow fitness addict at great length yesterday I realized that both styles of training actually complimented each other. I just needed to let go of my previous notions. Really just excuses in disguise.

So here I am. Changing my approach. One uncomfortable step at a time. Not just inside the gym. Outside of it too. Dig.



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