10 Reasons To Take NTC

Gymclasseshero was back in the building tonight for a round of NTC(Nike Training Club) with Claudine Cooper(@fitwit3 in social media circles). Yes, she is amazing. Yes, she kicked our asses for an hour. It felt like two.

Although I’m still recovering from an ankle injury, a few pounds heavier and haven’t consistently worked out in awhile, it wasn’t all bad.

NTC is one of my absolutely fave workouts because it’s never the same boring routine or series of exercises. I modified in certain spots and paced myself in others. Managed to still break a serious sweat. Turns out my stamina hadn’t completely disappeared after all these months.

10 Reasons To Take NTC

1. It’s a HIIT High Intensity Interval Training class

2. It was designed by athletes

3. It’s cardio

4. It’s weights

5. It’s a full body workout

6. Drills are focused on time not reps

7. Fast paced with room to modify

8. It sculpts and tones the body

9. It’s hard as hell

10. You will see results if you are consistent

But don’t just take my word for it. Pop in to any 24HR Fitness gym for a class. Or sign up at your local Nike store for an outdoor sesh. Even more intense because you’re dealing with the elements. If you’re not sure about being in a gym setting just yet you can always download the NTC app www.nike.com and get your workout on practically anywhere. Ahhhh…just do it.

Okay, so you saw that one coming.


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