Give Less Of A Damn

Most people spend a couple of lifetimes consumed with fear based on the opinions of others.

Afraid of what others might think

Afraid of what others are thinking

Afraid of what others are not thinking

We all do it. Silently and sometimes loudly seeking some sort of validation from peers, coworkers, friends, spouses or significant others. If you’re really screwed up you seek it from all of the above.

When did we stop living? When did we replace doing with asking? When did the demand for life coaches suddenly increase? Newsflash. Nobody can coach you to a better life. I don’t care what kind of spiel they’re spewing. Only you can change your life. And you do that by facing it head on.

Not by drinking it away

Not by drugging it away

Not by eating it away

Know what you can’t change? Other people’s perceptions. Matters not how hard you try. Most people will always see you in a squared existence. Why? Because usually they are so terribly unhappy in their own lives they become blinded by any glimmers of hope in yours. Talk about suffering from the ol’ deer stuck in the headlights syndrome.

I don’t have the answers for your life. Hell, I can barely answer my own questions. Trust me when I say the list is long. What I do know is that it is unhealthy to be in a constant state of fear, worry and anxiety. So I’m telling you what I’ve begun to tell myself on a daily. Live your life for you and give less of a damn about what others think. That’s it. That’s all. I’m gone.


8 thoughts on “Give Less Of A Damn

  1. Great post. “You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.” People will judge you and dislike you regardless of what you do, so just do what’s right for you!

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