Discovering A Juicier Life

I’m still battling a persistent cough. But the fever and chills are gone. Have taken a combination of over the counter and homeopathic drugs. To be honest neither has really worked. Trips to CVS and Whole Foods have proved futile.

What has been working, albeit slowly, is my increased intake of green juices. Switching up the recipes has also helped. Introducing the body to new ingredients has been refreshing. Sounds corny. Yet true.


Snagged this quart of lemon, orange and ginger with extra ginger from Farm Fresh Produce at the 3rd/Fairfax Farmer’s Market while on lunch one day. Definitely soothed my very sore throat.


Tried my first Fru-G cold pressed juice on Wednesday. It’s sold at The Body Factory. Loved that it was bottled and the ingredients were listed on the label. New recipe alert! Most definitely will try at home. Oh yeah, it tasted good. It was enough to hold me over until I could actually chew a meal. I still enjoy doing that. Although I haven’t had much of an appetite since this whole cold/flu virus hit.

No gym classes or hot yoga lately. No real energy or enthusiasm for either. Later post coming, Going Without The Flow. I’m sure once I resume a little bit of both then my appetite will return. Until then I will keep exploring this whole juicing thing. Not as a meal replacement. More like a preventive measure to keep my immune system on point.


Will post this green monster this week. Currently my new fave juice. Who knew pears could be so groovy? Now go juice something!


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