Light Lunch Fail Is Insanity

Doing my best to listen to my body more when it comes to eating. Six months of practically doing no gym classes with the exception of some yoga and a few swims has set my healthy lifestyle goals back. Way back.

I am determined to shed the twelve pounds gained while down with this injury. Restoring my body to it’s previously leaner appearance. I still struggle with cravings for all things veganically processed. It’s real y’all. Slowly my old eating habits are returning due to my recent activity. That’s a good thing.

Today was a good day until lunchtime rolled around. Kicked it off with my usual morning routine of warm lemon water followed by a green juice. Snagged a tofu wrap from work. But not until I’d already been there for four hours. I’d skipped my midday morning clutch bowl of oatmeal. No bueno.

By the time four o’clock rolled around I was sipping on a quart of spinach, beet, carrot and ginger while snacking on some beet chips. I was in the mood for something light. But hadn’t taken in consideration what type of workout I’d be doing later.


The tofu wrap was long gone. And the juice and chips were not enough to get me through my gym class tonight which turned out to be Insanity instead of kickboxing. Last minute substitution. Good workout but I crashed midway through because I hadn’t eaten often enough. Mike Calloway pushed and prodded us to finish strong. He’s great like that.


GCH TIP:You can’t expect to have a successful workout if you’re distracted by hunger and fatigue. Lesson learned. Now go eat something healthy while I finish soaking in a warm salt bath.


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