Avoid Post Workout Insomnia

Sometimes after a good workout I find it damn near impossible to sleep. Songs are playing in my head. Thoughts are popping in and out. I’ll start contemplating having a late night snack versus brushing my teeth. The latter is known to kill all food cravings. Not to mention it’s just good oral hygiene.

After last night’s pool session I absolutely could not sleep. Wasn’t sure if it was because I was just anxious to get home after taking two buses and an Uber. Or that I was happy my ankle had held up so well in between the laps and pool running. Who knows?

If you love fitness like I do you always have to be doing something. There is no greater way to recover and build stronger muscles than sleep. Gotta have it. You need more of it. Especially when there is a short window of back to back workouts. Like right now I’m headed to a cycle class. My body’s a little fatigued because I barely got five hours of unfitful rest last night.

So the next time you’re still feeling a bit wired before bed try a few of these things before punching a pillow. It may just punch ya’ right back.


•Don’t check social media
•Don’t eat close to bed
•Try a warm salt bath
•Make a cup of kava tea
•Don’t even think about drinking caffeine or alcohol


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