Back From Injury…Not Quite

Doc green lighted the addition of gym classes last week. Finally I thought. Fat and jiggle be gone. Weeks of Aircast antics and dances on crutches had already worn thin. Not to mention the months before of wearing an ankle brace because I was initially misdiagnosed. Because of that I’ve not been in a serious routine of fitness since September of last year. True story. Long story. There shall be no retelling of such a small tale. I’m already bored.

Moving on. The podiatrist said my ankle is now strong enough for physical therapy. And that I can start back working out again. Gradually. All I heard was Run like the wind. Be free again. No, I didn’t. But suddenly that song is now playing in my head.

Okay, so I’m back. Well, kinda. Popped into my cardio driven kickboxing class on Monday night at 24HR Fitness La Cienega Sport. It is a fast paced hour long calorie burn of kicks, punches and calistenthics. Taj Faataji(@tajexperience) is one of my fave instructors. No two classes are the same and the music is always dope.

Everyone was glad to see me. And I was glad to see them. All I kept thinking was Am I making a mistake? Should I have picked a lower impact class to start with? No. And yes. No mistake in wanting to get back on my gym classes track. But I had already forgotten one thing the doctor had said. Gradually . Meaning slowly. Not hook jab punch combinations that lead right into high knee runs at a bizarre pace.

Needless to say I modified where I could. Hard to do in kickboxing because you’re constantly moving and shifting your weight. Great feeling to be back in that setting. But I have to admit I was so worried about my ankle rolling or being stepped on that I didn’t get a good workout in.

So for now I will stick to much lighter fare like pilates, swimming and restorative yoga. I’m not back. But I will be.


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