Post Workout Window

Don’t waste your workout. I repeat don’t waste your workout.
Back to the future in a moment. I love to read anything that is health, fitness and nutrition related. I don’t apply all that I’ve learned to my lifestyle because sometimes it doesn’t work for me.

Be a sponge when seeking out better ways to improve your workout and nutritional intake while maintaining a healthy weight. But like a sponge, know what to soak up and know when to ring out the fitness foolishness. Let’s face it there is so much information out there regarding performance, supplementing and weightloss that it can be overwhelming. Not to mention annoying as hell. They all can’t be right.

Take your time. Lose the anxiety. Weed through the bullshit. Find what works for you. Now back to my earlier statement. Don’t waste your workout. I’m yelling this one. Literally. Because it’s true. It works. That hour after your workout is so important for replenishing electrolytes and flushing out the lactic acid that is now built up in your muscles.


I’m no expert but I have cool hair. But I’ve read a lot of experts. Not sure how cool their hair is but their suggestions for post workout nutrition are pretty much the same. Recover with a light protein shake(mixed with water) within fifteen minutes of completing a workout. Followed by a light meal. A nice mix of protein and complex carbs.

I make it a point to toss a Blender Bottle and some Vega Sport Performance Protein into my gym bag. I always always always start my recovery at the gym.

Still working on eating once I hit home to help speed up the process. Im not perfect. Sometimes the window closes. I still give myself an ‘A’ for effort. I experience less soreness and muscle fatigue. I also feel so much stronger in between workouts whenever I follow this simple rule. Try it!



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