Monday’s Moody Green

Forgot to post. Or didn’t want to post. Either one of those reasons will work. I’ll be honest. It’s kinda hard to post about taking gym classes when I haven’t been able to take gym classes. It’s been months. Injuries suck. No point in pretending like they don’t.

I made a concerted effort not to blog about my day to day struggle with having to go from being so active to being benched by my doctor. We won’t discuss the initial misdiagnosis. Yes, I pulled out what little hair I had left after being told.

Enough said. Today is a new day. Or what’s left of it. So let’s move on. Saw the podiatrist on Tuesday. My right ankle is now strong enough to start physical therapy. Whew hoo! Let the healing begin. Name that movie. Betcha can’t.

If I may interrupt your Google moment for a sec let me tell you about Monday’s tasty green. It was beyond comprehension. Sort of like my Nutribullet when it starts to sputter. Enjoy!


frozen berries
hemp seed
peanut butter
coconut milk


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