Pizza Smizza

Saturday night. Off from work. In need of a quick bite. Headed out of The Grove and towards Blaze Pizza located on the fringes of the Farmer’s Market at Fairfax and 3rd. Not even the rain could have stopped me. I’d had my mind set on it all day. Especially after escaping the throes of a Girl Scout Troop set up outside of our store peddling those all too familiar yet incredibly expensive cookies. Bye Tiffany!


Arrived at Blaze. Got my usual. Bunch of veggies and of course Daiya cheese held it all together. Still not a fan of this cheese. I don’t care how many vegans rant and rave about its dairy like delectability. I’m still not convinced. It may melt like cheese but it sure doesn’t taste like cheese. Flavorless is more like the vibe. So I tend to have them spread my pie very thin.

Ten minutes later I was sitting in front of my steaming pizza. It only takes four minutes for them to fire it up. Other pizza chains please take note. I was able to polish it off just in time to catch my first bus heading home. Pizza smile everlasting.

Blaze Pizza 110 S. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036


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