Love My Hydro Flask

Seriously love my Hydro Flask water bottle. Not gonna go on a massive ramble. Don’t need to. It speaks for itself. Two weeks in and it’s everything that I’ve read about. Once again avoiding the ramble. Besides the list of reasons why you should get one is way too long. But I will say this. That whole keeping the liquid cold for 24 hours thing es verdad.


It’s also:

BPA free
stainless steel
keeps hot liquids for 12 hours
lifetime guarantee

That’s just to name a few. Although I’m not super active these days I still do my best to drink a gallon of water a day. In case you’re wondering that’s 128 ounces down the hatch.


I love water so a puny little water bottle is no good for me. Although Hydro Flask comes in different sizes I splurged for the 40 ounce baby. Three of these a day and bam I hit my juglife quota. I don’t always reach it. But get damn near close.

Once I’m done with rehab it will become even easier. Trust me when I say this is the last water bottle you will ever buy. I have no complaints. Only a suggestion to the makers of Hydro Flask. Add more bright colors to the line. Ummm…yeah that’s it.


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