The Perfect Bar

Okay, I ate the most perfect vegan bar ever in the wee hours of this morning. Latent hunger pains left over from last night’s swim. When I say this bar is perfect it literally is, well, perfect. Definitely the right mix of ingredients and…wait for it…it tasted fresh and wasn’t short on flavor. Ding ding ding we have a winner!


You won’t find the usual stiff, grainy, cardboard, sugary taste that is so characteristic of pretty much every vegan bar on the market. The softer versions aren’t much better either. Usually leaving my stomach feeling dirty and my hunger hardly satisfied.

The Perfect Bar not only edges out Vega, Pure and Larabar it tramples the vegan bar competition. Why? Because it tastes really really really good. Suddenly I’m having a Zoolander moment.


Have to say I only picked up the Perfect Bar because I was curious and found the name smugly humorous. No need to cue the laugh track. This bar is all that and a row of bars. I’ll let that one sink in. I also loved the story behind the business. Small and family owned but with a big heart. I won’t give away the ending. You can check it out here It’s a good one.

You can find the Perfect Bar in the refrigerated sections of your local health food store. Snagged mine at N101 Nutrition Health & Sport in West Hollywood. If Whole Foods or Erewhon don’t carry them stage a protest until they do. Kidding. So not kidding. I’m definitely going back to N101 and stock up. I could use a little more perfection in my life.


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