Get Her A Blendtec

I’ll get right to the point. Can someone please get me a Blendtec? How about Blendtec getting me a Blendtec? My poor Nutribullet is on it’s last leg. Has been for some time now. I swear everytime I juice or blend it starts doing the humpty dance across the counter.


I blend too heavy and too often for my Magic Bullet. I’ve had it since April 2013 and it started to give three months into the action. By the sixth month I was burning rubber. There were no cars involved.


The blades are warped and I’m convinced the next time I juice(more like pulp) I’ll be the one standing curbside singing “We Didn’t Start The Fire” when the big red trucks arrive.


This is the part where I hit you with the whole blogger spiel that I’ve read so many times on Instagram. “I’d love for you to send me a Blendtec to review and to share recipes on my blog.” Yeah yeah yeah. True. But I’ve wanted a Blendtec since I first heard about them last year from a guy whose had every top notch juicer on the market.


He recommended the Blendtec because it was:

Easier cleanup

Not to mention its many different settings. I could go on but I’d rather you click on the link and see why my life will continue to stink if I don’t snag one of these bad boys soon. If I could afford one I’d be talking about my lack of red toenail polish instead. Or how long my hair is actually growing while blending in my new Blendtec. Alas, I am a mere scribe pooling together my last few pennies. Barely able to afford another small literary masterpiece from yet another big chain bookstore. In my best Tiny Tim voice of course. Yeah yeah yeah. I know the holidays have already passedYour point? For the love of Goji berries man Get her a Blendtec!


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