So These Tacos Were Amazing

Ever since I made some Untuna a couple of weeks ago I’ve become obsessed with improving the recipe. Really I’ve just become obsessed with eating Untuna everyday. This is the one recipe I can pretty much eat with anything. Not only is it healthy and filling. It’s also yummy. I don’t normally use that word. But it felt like a yummy moment and figured you’d be expecting it.


On today’s menu were, you guessed it, Untuna tacos. Snagged some taco shells from Trader’s. Got the idea from a comment left by fellow blogger, Ema Jones, on the original post Ain’t No Tuna In My Tuna . I didn’t stir fry it like she suggested. But I was curious about those taco shells. Score!


Capers and an olive tapenade went into last week’s batch. Definitely kicked up the zing. Today’s taco filling was more laid back. Almost Zen like. That’s code for I need to go grocery shopping instead of buying five items every other day. It was still good though. I’ve already eaten three.

Definitely try making your own. Let me know if it rocks as good as mine. I’m always interested in putting a new spin on recipes. I shall now leave you to your garbanzo(chickpeas) smashing while I catch up with Toni, Joan, Lynn and Maya. Let the Girlfriends games begin!


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