Ain’t No Tuna In My Tuna

Hands plankin’ down this has got to be the best frickin’ Untuna I’ve ever made in this life. In the next life over I plan on adding a little bit of stardust to the recipe. Okay, that was corny as fudge but I needed a magical segue. No? Moving on.


Think this Untuna recipe came out so well because I was happy, hippie moment beware, while making it. I’d been craving some for months. Not a fan of the vegan mayo based recipes. A lover of hummus I decided to dive in by shaking up my old recipe with some new friends.


That little kick of cayenne and extra some something of black peppercorn gave it a fiery yet subtle hello. If you follow or stalk my posts but pretend you don’t read by never liking or commenting(yes, you) you know that I don’t measure anything. I never have. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a Southern thing. Or maybe I suffer from an undiagnosed case of adult ADD. I do know that I find all of that counting boring as hell.

So if you’re looking for the Land of Exact Measurements, you’re on the wrong street baby. Make a left at the next exit. More blogs up ahead. But please believe me when I tell ya’ even Miss Daisy would drive herself to the Piggly Wiggly for this recipe. I couldn’t resist. Enjoy!

•Always thoroughly rinse canned beans under cold water to release all of the gases(your stomach will thank you later)

•After rinsing, you can place them in water that you’ve already heated to soften them up(makes them easier to mash)

•Fresh squeezed lemon juice should be the first ingredient used, then add the dill(the pairing of these two sets up the other ingredients nicely)

•Add the rest of the ingredients at whim(you only live once)

•Toss it over a bed of spinach and other veggies of your choosing if you’re really hungry

•When I’m not super hungry, I’ll grab a bag of Roasted Seaweed Snack and fork some over into the salty green sheets



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