Meet Power Couple: Oatmeal & Gatorade

Skipped the warm lemon water this morning. Wasn’t in the mood. Been drinking a cup every morning for years. It’s a great way to kickstart the alkalizing vibe in your digestive system first thing in the morning. Like I said wasn’t in the mood.

Hadn’t been able to eat anything since my food poisoning episode at Swingers. There’s a post about it. Not the aftermath. That would have been gross. Just the events leading up to it. After 24 hours of subsisting on saltines and ginger ale, thanks sis for the tip, I decided on some groovy ‘ol fashion oatmeal.


Dressed it up with some cinnamon, agave and unsweetened vanilla rice milk. Swigging on some Gatorade in between thoughts. Dig on your day. Mines is just getting started.




2 thoughts on “Meet Power Couple: Oatmeal & Gatorade

  1. Yes, I’m a huge oatmeal/oat bran fan. Especially with cinnamon. Haven’t tried rice milk with it as I usually use water and unsweetened almond milk.

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