Vitamins See


Actually it’s B-12 and a multivitamin I’m taking these days. Vegan of course. Never been a big fan of bottled vitamins. Except for the occasional Flintstones I’d greedily chew back in the day when I still rocked high waters and ugly shoes in middle school. Sorry…Dozed off for a second. Yep, it’s been that long.


This nagging ankle injury has me rethinking a lot of things in terms of overall health and nutrition. I’ve always been a skeptic about the effectiveness of the usually horse-size pills and slippery capsules heavily marketed as some sort of gateway to perfect health. Assuming that it was better to meet all of my dietary needs through whole foods. Part of me still clings to this belief. The other part is willing to step out on a supplemental limb with my one good leg and see how far I end up swinging. Diggin’ the tiny pill vibe this time around.


I’ll let you know after thirty days if I feel any better. Or if I’m able to leap short buildings wearing a single frown. Decided to throw B-12 in the mix because I think my sister mentioned it. Did a little research and found out it was a mood booster and energy giver amongst other things. My words. Not from Not a real site. Totally made it up in this moment. Feel free to click on it anyway. Let me know what you find. Cheers to your health. More like mine.


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