3 Tips For Staying Healthy While Injured

Taking my own advice. Because I’m unable to workout at a high intensity level like before I have to be super mindful of my eating, drinking and sleep patterns. Swimming and restorative yoga are the only two forms of exercise that have been doctor approved.

My last visit to her office confirmed what I’d already known. I’d picked up a few pounds in the past few months. Not only did I feel heavier I’d begun to look heavier. Not to mention the fit of my clothes was off. I didn’t need a scale to tell me that. It did anyway.

I had begun to see all of my hard work from the earlier part of the year begin to disappear. A slight exaggeration some would say. Still it was enough for me to take this time off seriously by recommitting myself to a higher and healthier standard of living. Not like before. Better. Last night at Swingers was a wake up call.

Peep “Swingers Are The Worse” if you haven’t already. Like I always say but guilty of not always doing, Eat Clean, Stay Active, Be Healthy. Most importantly train smart. Avoid injury.



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