Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Okay, so I wasn’t invited. And you’re probably not serving any decent vegan fare anyway. Still thought I’d drop by. Unannounced of course. Yes, Gymclasseshero, is back in the building. More like in your living room. Empire? Is that what we’re watching? I’m gonna need some almond milk to go with that Cookie.

My how I’ve missed my not so silent rumblings about all things food, fitness and sheer randomness these past few weeks. I thought I had to give up one thing to become another. Not so. At the beginning, middle and end of the day I’m still a writer. That’s it. And that’s all.


I’m still no expert. Holding no certifications. And with even less hair than before. But I’m here. Stirring up the pot. No pressure to be. Just having fun with thee. Be sure one day I shall win an Emmy. Welcome Back! Welcome Back! Welcome Back!…(singing)



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