SuperDry & NorthFace Are All Wet

Went to doctor’s office in yesterday’s torrential downpour. Crutches. Two buses. Sans longboard. Ankle woes. Too annoyed to comment on yet another fitness setback. Refused to call an Uber. You will find out why in a later post. Yes, I’m stubborn. No, I’m not kidding.

Tuesday’s rain in LA was nonstop. I could have surfed in for x-rays. Surfboard. The very thought just made me smile. Slapped on my fave Nike running tights. Knew they would dry quickly in between the city waves. Zella on my back, layered in a Nike pullover hoodie, NorthFace jacket and my very dope looking SuperDry pack.



Needless to say SuperDry is just a name. Don’t take it literally. My stuff inside got wet. Even my Dre Beats case was sweating. Luckily my headphones were still dry.

That’s a NorthFace?” frowned the nurse an hour later as I peeled off my jacket to reveal soaked through spots on my hoodie. “You should take it back to REI. They’re suppose to be waterproof.” I know that. And you know that. Try tellin’ it to these guys. And scene. Cue the dry gear.







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