A Letter From My Ankle

Dear Shon,
You are an idiot! I’ve been trying to talk to you for weeks but you’ve yet to respond. When I first got injured we became fast friends. You helped me with my crutches, made sure I was icing, elevating and taking salt baths regularly. I didn’t even mind wearing the ankle brace. Even though sometimes you would make it too tight.

But now you’re like phuck it. The moment you started to feel better you forgot about me. You began to skate harder and it hurt. You push me too far in yoga and it hurt. When I would protest in pain you’d pop an Aleve and tell me to be strong and that you needed to get your body back.

Last night you told me we were returning to NTC on Thanksgiving day. This morning I gave no response. But you felt my pain. One or two nights of icing is not going to make up for weeks of neglect. So let’s try this rehab thing again. I can only support you if you support me. Love is love. Can you hear me now?


Yo’ ankle



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