Rahm Connects Breath To Movement

If you take enough yoga classes you will repeatedly hear instructors encourage yogis to connect breath to movement. I’m not sure how often it happens or if anyone’s really listening. Most people are so eager to achieve a pose that they forget to breathe . Continue with the head scratching while I explain.

Unlike most sports or gym classes, yoga is not about the physical body. I mean it is but it isn’t. I’m discovering that the more focused and controlled my breathing becomes the deeper I can exist in a pose. I find it to be far more strengthening, less risk of injury and a unexplainable mental connection.

Tonight’s Yoga Sculpt with Rahm Sharifi was just that. He always brings such a beautiful energy into the space. It is without effort or a need to appeal. From the beginning he reminds us to make it about our practice. Our breath. Our flow. Ridding ourselves of all comfort zones.

It was if he had read my mind. At the start of class I noticed that most of the spaces were taken, so I had to unroll my mat in the back far right corner. Not my favorite spot, convinced that more energy existed in the center of the room where I normally practice . Once I decided to not shift to the left or move altogether, I realized that I had entered into a higher vibration. Unbeknownst to my ego, I had let go of what I could not change.

Rahm’s voice was ever present. But it was the breath that guided my movement. I’d never experienced that before tonight. A few fleeting moments of Zen like quality here and there, yes. But never for the duration of a class.

It was also my first pain free flow. I don’t rush my movement in yoga. Although I could pay closer attention to my body alignment. I’ll start by just breathing.

You can catch up with Rahm at Hot8 Yoga and Sweat Yoga LA. Now go get ya’ flow on.



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