Thursday Green

Tasty green this morn’. Not super sweet. Sans Vega. Cutting back on sugar. Not that there’s a whole lot per serving. Or is there? Not sure. I’d have to check later. Already ducked out for the day.

Since my ankle injury back in September my level of activity has declined in terms of output. Going from a variety of high intensity gym classes to strictly doing yoga and some swimming has been a big adjustment. Also forgot to adjust my food intake along the rehab way, resulting in small weight fluctuations and an over consumption of processed vegan foods.

As I head back in the direction of my typically healthier eating habits, I remind myself to be patient and lose all judgement and guilt. The body heals faster and performs better when it’s greener and less sugary. At least for me that’s always been the case. I’ll be back on track soon enough. Here’s to a great start. Love Earth Balance peanut butter. Enjoy!


chia seed
frozen cherries
peanut butter
unsw vanilla almond milk



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