A Little Yoga Etiquette Please

Living in LA, I’ve come to realize that everyone’s movin’ and shakin’. Doesn’t mean they’re necessarily movers and shakers. They only want you to think that. Short sigh in. Oh the redundancy of it all. Normally I chuckle at the level of self-absorption this town encourages, promotes and damn near rewards at the dissolution of humanity, morals and compassion.

It’s Hollywood. Someone’s always hurling something in your direction. Usually bricks or bullshit. One’s bound to get struck. From which you choose to frame yo’ house is yo’ business. And of course yo’ karma. Just don’t bring that, I just got off the 405 and it was hell trying to find parking, energy all up in yoga. Save that foolishness for the gym.

Whether you view it as just another workout, part of the ever changing weightloss trend or just want to sound impressive to friends, coworkers and the mailman, it is so much more. With daily practice it will begin to spill over into other areas of your life. Positively.

And if you still don’t give a damn about any of that I shall proceed to dismount my very high Zen horse and drop a few hints so that yogis everywhere can dig on their flow in spite of your total disregard.

1. Respect the sanctity of the space. No cell phones, headphones, shoes or large bags inside of the room. It brings in outside energy. Literally.

2. Enough with the chatter. Talking and loud whispering is disruptive and disrespectful to others who are setting their intention for class or are in shavasana afterwards.

3. Smell me something good. Not really. Leave the sprays, oils and creams at home. Especially if the practice is in a heated space. In doing so you avoid someone having a possible allergic reaction. Or who may find the smell offensive. Yes, I’m talking to the guy who lathers on the minty body cream mere minutes after class.



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