Morning Glory

Woke up feelin’ rockstar fresh. My thoughts are in Paris. Small smile in. For now I shall drift back to their reality as I head to a grove with no oranges.

Big cup of green tea with lemon this morn’. My new thang now. Anytime of the day. The antioxidant effect is mind blowing. Decaf under my eyelids of course.

I do my best to set the tone for my daily vibe by drinking a big cup of warm lemon water or green tea with lemon as soon as I rise. Usually followed an hour later by a morning green. It kickstarts the day off healthy. Settles my mood. Raising the vibrations even higher. Also keeps me from making reckless eating choices later on. Which has been happening as of late.

Perfection is not the goal. Consistency is. This one was so groovy I should write a song about it. Maybe later. Tossed in a few cubes of ice for thickness.



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