Don’t Drink This Water

Never before have I ever purchased water only to throw it out thirty minutes later. That is until I tried Sparkletts.


It is by far the worst bottled water I have ever tasted. It says on the label, minerals added for taste. They must haven’t “tasted” it lately. It wreaks of chlorination. Yes, I’m saying Sparkletts water tastes like chlorine smells. Horrible after taste too.


Wish I could have gotten back my two bucks before giving it the ol’ chuck. By then I had already skated from Venice to Santa Monica. Landed on Whole Foods planet on Montana avenue twenty minutes later.


No need for a mad dash. Their selection of water is pretty nonstandard. Dig that. Plucked a bottle of Real Water from the shelf. Alkalized vibe.

Personally I’m not too sold on the recently popular alkalinity hustle being peddled to consumers. If you’re not getting it from the source, I got dibs on the nearest untouched spring, then you don’t really know what you’re getting. Real talk. Can’t believe everything you read, without question.


I like this water. I’ve had it before. I’m drawn to weird bottle shapes. Because of this normal obsession I’ve discovered some great tasting waters in my hunt for the coolest, yet oddly shaped, bottles. Voss, Fiji, Hawaiian Springs and Smart Water are a few of my faves. Looks funny. Tastes great.

Because I aim for drinking a gallon a day, usually Crystal Geyser, I only snag these designer thirst quenchers in cases of emergency. Sparkletts was just that.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Drink This Water

  1. I had a random bottled water yesterday and it was HORRIBLE too.
    That Real Water, despite me liking all sorts of health tricks and tips annoys me a bit – at the end of the day, it’s WATER for goodness sake. Right?! ‘Electron Energized Energy’ my ass.
    Lovely post : )

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