10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Let’s get right to it kids. If you get more than two right, I’ll mail ya’ some candy corn, partially chewed, and a bookmark.

1. Being a vegan is a drag. Sometimes it is. Just sayin’.

2. I’m a huge snacker. You had me at cupcakes.


3. I once gained 47 pounds in a relationship. Tipping the scales at 198. Got dumped. Found myself again. Lost the weight. Triple crown!


4. I dig yoga. But I miss taking gym classes. I need variety. Sucks being injured. Boredom has set in. Cabin fever. No snow.

5. I drink a cup of warm lemon water every morning.


6. I love creating . Artsy fartsy. Benji wenji. Uno Pluto. Okay, I’ll stop.

7. I talk a lot. Alright, you probably knew that. But sometimes I’m quiet.

8. I once considered becoming a fitness instructor. Then I discovered that people continue talking to you long after class has ended. No I didn’t see your form during that last squat hold. Ummm…I’m at my day job. Security!

9. I like making people laugh. It all started with a hand puppet. Just ask my sister.

10. Fitness saved my life. True story.



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