Painted On Jeans

Woke up on my east coast thrive this mornin’. NY specifically. Soho even more so. Creative wires had me feelin’ some type of way. Not much sleep. Head walkin’ til’ the wee hours. Still managed a crooked smile as I rolled out of a bed too high off the floor.


Grabbed a pair of my fave jeans. Always Skinny. Gap status. And decided to throw a lil’ paint on the vibe before going to work. Cue the snapping of the fingers.



In NY I was a licensed street vendor who use to make my duckets hand stitching hats, painting apparel and customizing sneakers. Miss that life sometimes. No time clocks. No cakewalks. Just a street corner and some paint.


These were fun to paint. Can you tell I didn’t use brushes? Let me know if ya’ dig ’em. Vagabond on the rise. Peace and paint y’all.





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