Skin Glow On The Go

Crazy busy Wednesday. Was determined to squeeze in some hot yoga to ease my anxiety and of course a quart of fresh juice from my fave juice stand, Farm Fresh Produce(peep the blog post) in the Farmer’s Market at Fairfax and 3rd.

Noon Power 1 yoga sesh with Bianca Fearon at Hot8 Yoga always does the trick. Don’t let the 1 fool ya’. This class is equally as challenging as the others because you’re getting back to basics. Concentrating on breath, form and flow keeps you in the yogic know. Not to mention an hour in the heat does wonders for the skin. It’s like a mini detox session with maximum results. My skin always looks and feels better afterwards.


Quick shower and change. Headed to The Grove. But not before snagging a quart of cucumber, pineapple and apple. The #6 on the Farm Fresh Produce menu. I always add spinach for that extra iron kick. I actually make this juice at home. Especially when I’m experiencing any type of breakouts. Four simple ingredients that will keep your skin glowing. Try it!


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