Yoga Works For Trade

After a couple of emails and a bunch of crossed fingers, I managed to land a work for trade gig at my favorite yoga studio in LA, Hot8 Yoga. Whew hoo! Skateryogi downward dogs again.


Work for trade at Hot8 Yoga is basically an exchange of goods for services. For every four hour shift worked they give you seven free yoga classes. Win! Think most studios offer the same vibe. It’s definitely worth looking into if like me, you’re trying to curb your spending enthusiasm for all things fitness.


But wait. Before you break out your favorite Zella outfit and head down to the nearest yoga studio to beg for one of their few prized positions, let me hip you to be square. It’s a dirty job. But some yogi’s gotta do it. Right? I don’t mind if it means I get to try yoga barre for the first time. I did the other day. It was great.

Hot8 Yoga is by far the cleanest yoga studio I’ve ever been in. And now I know why. There is always someone cleaning. That’s it. No secret little tidy fairies suddenly appear on the hour to sweep and mop up after the never ending trail of sweaty bodies emerging from class. Only to quickly disappear as the next drove of yogis arrive. Not the case at all.

Unless you’re calling me a fairy. No worries. I’ve been called worse. At least this round of dozens comes with a free tank top and all the yoga I want. Anybody seen my Windex?


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