Beet My Late Night Cravings

I’m a cereal girl at night. Usually. Last night was different. Instead of reaching for another box of faintly colored food described as natural goodness, I grabbed two packages of ready to eat beets from the fridge. Did she say beets? Nah, girl she meant Beat Street the movie.


Beets. The vegetable ? Shocker. I know. Not exactly on the top of my list whenever I’m up for a late night kitchen foray. Don’t get me wrong. I eat fairly clean. But it ain’t pristine baby. I too struggle with the daily juggle of damn it I want to eat this now versus this will keep my muffin top from turning into a bakery later. Oh the many voices in my head.

I also read somewhere the many health benefits of eating beets. None of which I can recall at the moment. Surprising. Not really. Pause for another Applebee’s commercial.
Now back to you in the studio Harv. “Beets. Eat more of them.” Cut. That was easy. I’m gonna need a much bigger director’s chair.



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