Green Tea and Dusty

Love mornings like this. When I awake to only a few sounds. The occasional car whizzing by. Too fast for a Saturday. That same large bird that squawks at my back window. Has anyone seen Poe? Tell him I found his lost bird.


Window now closed. I hear the rumblings of neighbors who live too close. Too early to don earplugs. I’d rather savor a few more moments of unforced quiet. I long for the day when I look out and see nothing but water. Hear only the calls of the ocean. Enclosed behind walls bearing no sounds of other people’s breathing.

To live. To write. To read. All without interruption. For now I shall be content with my slow pace around four tiny corners of space. Big yellow cup of green tea in hand. Decaf. Whole lemon. Dusty is on repeat. Just a little lovin’ early in the morning. Crooked smile. Dig.



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