Final Countdown…Can I Count On You?

It’s almost here. The 8th Annual Skate The Coast sponsored by Boarding For Breast Cancer pushes off on September 27 from the Redondo Pier all the way to the Santa Monica Pier. Say what?


Yep. That’s 18 miles. Skaters of all ages and abilities will be crashing the local LA streets and boardwalks to raise more awareness to issues surrounding breast cancer. Skaters rule!

On my fundraising page I’m not only asking for donations. I’m asking people to leave the names of people they would like me to skate for and I will add it to my shirt the day of the event. The response has been amazing. And the stories shared emotional. Hope is a beautiful thing.


Life oftentimes is this awkward dance. We all tend to stumble while trying to figure out its ever changing steps. Then we look out on the floor and see people giving it all they got. Never worrying about how they look to other people. They just keep right on dancing. That’s the key. No matter what happens. No matter the dilemma. Keep right on dancing.

Help me keep the music playing by clicking on the link below and donating a portion of your heart to one of the many dancers still out on the floor. Wigtoss in advance.

Tip your hat below:





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