Love Pressed Juicery

The title says it all. Great product. Great taste. Not cheap. Most bottles are $9 a pop. At least the ones that I get after a pilates sesh with Yulia at 24HR Fitness in Weho. I usually spring for two. Peep their home base to be sure

Now that I think about it, if you sign up with PJ with your phone number you get a discount each visit. It’s the whole frequent customer vibe. Cool beans. And the fact that someone’s finally asking me for them digits still gives me hope.


My faves are the Signature drinks. Vanilla almond and coconut cinnamon. Haven’t tried the chocolate almond yet. It’s one of the best ways to recover after a sweaty yoga sesh too. Was happy when I discovered that Hot8 Yoga carries this groovy line of juices, cleanses and dairy free milk blends.


Pop into the WeHo location. They’re pretty chill. You can always peruse their site for the nearest location.I really like the employee t-shirts. If anyone from the corporate side of the coin is reading this why not sell them retail? I’d definitely rock one. I call heads. Your turn.



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