Injury Free? Not Me

Seems like ever since I decided to do an 18 mile skate for breast cancer followed by training for my first marathon(LA Marathon 2015) the injuries have been piling up. Yes, I’m beyond annoyed as hell. I’m pissed. And of course I’ve asked, Why me? Why now?


I spent the good majority of my Thursday at the VA hospital getting my right wrist and forearm x-rayed. A CAT Scan would come later because the doc was dissatisfied with her initial findings. Ironically the day of my visit was on 9/11. If there is some symbolism there I’ll leave you to the searching. I have enough on my mind. No need to impart my theory.


Knees please. Haven’t had to wear my custom knee brace since my last few physical therapy sessions. Almost a year ago. A few times in between if I’ve overtrained and needed that extra support during class. Been sliding it on this week because the left knee’s been feeling a little tweaked. Too much skating? Or carrying such a heavy gym bag on a daily and not evenly distributing my weight during a long push? Who knows? Surely not me.


Now this. Newsflash. In excited yet bland announcer’s voice, “This just in. Skateryogi down. Without appearing to have fallen”. And that’s how it happened. Except I don’t know how it happened. “Paging my right ankle. Please come in.


Experienced short little stepping pains after the gym. Felt fine during NTC. It was a circuit training day filled with station drills. One of my faves. Not sure if I stepped wrong while leaving the gym. Possibly rolling my ankle but not taking real notice. Still endorphin pumped from class. Once again who knows? Surely not me.

Deep sigh in. Tired eyes rolling upward. I’m at my physical best when I listen to my body. Maybe I had missed something. Not getting enough sleep. Or one too many vegan cupcakes. More greens? Perhaps my mind needed a rest from all the fitness clutter. Maybe I should be writing more. I’m at my literary best when dealing with physical and emotional pain all at once. But aren’t all self-proclaimed scribes?


So I shall await my first physical therapy session. Right wrist on deck. Skate less this week. Left knee approves. And do more heated yoga sessions to take jumping pressure off of the right ankle. “Let the healing begin”, in my best Alex P. Keaton voice.


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