Real Food Daily

Love Real Food Daily. Preferably the Santa Monica location. Way better customer service. Think it’s because it’s near the beach and the employees are less anxiety ridden. Manager is groovy and approachable. Her name might be Mary? But don’t go in there calling her Mary if it’s really Deborah.


I usually pop in for pancakes after a Sunday sesh of NTC. This visit I thought I’d try something different. Tuna melt. Garlicky greens. Ridiculously good gravy. It came highly recommended by my server. He was right on.


Dessert time. Picked the strawberry rhubarb crisp. It’s served warm with vanilla ice cream. Never been a vanilla kind of girl. Had them scoop me up some coconut ice cream instead. One word. Yumtastically delicious.


Okay, that’s not a word. And I used two. But who’s counting? I am. That confection was on ten. Enough said. One more thing. Everything here is vegan. Win! Now I’m done.
Real Food Daily 514-516 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401


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