I’ve tasted my share of bars to know what I like and what I don’t like. I don’t like the JIMMYBAR!. Although it’s all natural, dairy and gluten free, it’s missing something. Taste!

Off putting texture
Hard to digest

We sampled a few at work yesterday. No one liked them. Okay, one guy said the Super Hip Chocolate Chip wasn’t bad. I won’t repeat what the others said. I thought they were all being harsh because they were use to eating sweeter, unhealtier snacks.


Stepping up to the plate, cue the trumpet, is the lone vegan. That’d be me. I was out to prove them wrong by eating an entire bar. Samples are for suckas. Except I was the sucka this time. My carnivorous friends were right. The bars were awful.

Cue the bottled water. Half a dozen dry throats on aisle 0. Loose translation, pass on the JIMMYBAR! And scene.


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