Friends Support…Not Really


The above couldn’t be truer. In case you didn’t know I’m skating 18 miles for breast cancer on Sept. 27 in The 8th Annual Skate the Coast sponsored by Boarding For Breast Cancer Feel free to donate here


I’ve sent out emails and texts to friends and family asking them to take a moment to peruse the vibe and consider donating to the cause. With the exception of my sister, the response has been crickets. By that I mean nothing. Nada. Zilch.


Mad? No. Disappointed? Yes. Not because they’re unable to give. It’s because they didn’t bother to even respond in some small way. No point in elaborating. It is now moot.

On the flip side of the donation coin the amount of support that I’ve received from coworkers in my department, gym fam and complete strangers has been an overwhelming surprise. For that I am truly grateful. So instead of letting this beautifully dope vibe be marred by too many questions of why? I will do what skaters do best. Keep pushin’.



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